Joel and Clara Marasigan
JC Dance Co About Us

Conquer the love.

Joel & Clara do what they love and they love what they do.  Early in their dance development, they learned that there are two answers to every problem, one based on love and one based on fear.  They have transferred this philosophy to their lives.

Joel & Clara actively live their daily lives based on love.  They have embarked on a life-long journey of love, learning and inspirational excellence.  Without allowing fear to cloud their vision, they have been able to be open and aware of the many opportunities which surface quietly every day.  Most of these opportunities have changed the course of a day...  And some of these opportunities have changed the course of their lives.

Pay it forward

During their journey, Joel & Clara have met many great people, and have been witness to many great things.  These experiences have evolved into a great amount of information and inspiration about the true art of Ballroom Dancing.

Joel & Clara's vision is to continue on this journey and to pass on the flow of knowledge, information and inspiration that pervades their lives.  They will continue their pursuit to produce beautiful, artistic and emotional dancing, and in turn, inspire other dancers to search for the same within themselves.


  • To teach, challenge, and inspire individuals who are motivated to discover the true essence of ballroom dancing.

  • To help people lead healthy and balanced lifestyles through dance.

  • To build the DanceSport community into a strong, respected group within both the artistic and athletic communities.

  • To increase the number of participants in DanceSport related events