Joel and Clara Marasigan
Happy New Year!
January 10th, 2015

Yes, it’s January 10th and the title of my blog is Happy New Year! This is what life has become in the Marasigan household… I for one, always seem to be running late (and I mean, literally running!), as I chase after life (and my children) as it passes me by. [...] Continue Reading…


Snowball Classic
November 25th, 2014

Photo courtesy of David Marasigan Photography

The Snowball Classic. The biggest competition of the year here in Vancouver. Starting out back in 1987 (I believe) by a committee headed by now Professionals, Calvin Lee & Andy Wong, it has been organized year after year by DanceSport BC (formerly known as the BC Amateur DanceSport Association). [...] Continue Reading…


Ballet versus Ballroom Training Approach
August 26th, 2014

Everyone knows that ballet is a very technically demanding form of dance. The strength, balance, flexibility and precision required to dance ballet is quintessential. No one would argue that fact. However, in ballroom dancing, for whatever reason, the strength, balance and flexibility that all dancers admire and respect, seem to fall by the wayside and the focus is more on learning steps and routines.  [...] Why don’t ballroom dancers do what ballet dancers do to excel at their craft? [...] Continue Reading…


JC Night @ Robson Square
July 16th, 2014

This year’s Robson Square preparation has been like no other… [...] Continue Reading…


Pacifica Ball 2014
June 9th, 2014

10421620_10203478855268173_4625279783599646326_n.jpgLast weekend, Joel and I took the family to Victoria for a business/dance/vacation. Like any trip with the girls, as soon as we got home, we needed a vacation from the vacation! Don’t get me wrong… it was tonnes of fun; but very tiring as well! [...] Continue Reading…