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Ballet versus Ballroom Training Approach
August 26th, 2014

Everyone knows that ballet is a very technically demanding form of dance. The strength, balance, flexibility and precision required to dance ballet is quintessential. No one would argue that fact. However, in ballroom dancing, for whatever reason, the strength, balance and flexibility that all dancers admire and respect, seem to fall by the wayside and the focus is more on learning steps and routines.  […] Why don’t ballroom dancers do what ballet dancers do to excel at their craft?


Interview with Emanuel & Tania – Part II
March 19th, 2010

Emanuel & Tania at the 2010 Snowball ClassicThank you to Emanuel & Tania for sharing their experiences with us to help inspire up and coming local dancers, as well as dancers from all over the world. Here is Part II of their Interview…


The Olympic Athlete’s State of Mind
March 3rd, 2010

olympiclogoOne of my favourite things about the Olympic coverage was definitely the interviews that were conducted with the athletes, their coaches and families… The theme that keeps coming back over and over again through these interviews is how important an athlete’s state of mind is. Sure, hard work, of course, is a key ingredient to success. But it definitely isn’t all there is.


Interview with Simone & Annette – Part 2
February 1st, 2010

Photo courtesy of Ivo DimitrovAs you can see from this hard working and dedicated couple, success does not come easily. You have to be patient and focused; you have to work hard and be committed; and you have to have faith and believe strongly in what you are doing… All vital ingredients to get you to the top!


The Return of Robson Square – Abridged Version
August 20th, 2009

robson-square2What I always looked forward to in the summertime for years was Robson Square. It was always the highlight of the summer for us ballroom dancers in Vancouver. For those of you who don’t know, DSBC (DanceSport BC) used to run a Summertime Dance Series every Friday evening during the months of July and August. There would be a full night of general dancing, starting off with a free lesson and 2 sets of demos per night. I remember back when there was even a live band! What a fantastic way to spend your Friday evenings celebrating the love of dance amongst friends!