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Ballet versus Ballroom Training Approach
August 26th, 2014

Everyone knows that ballet is a very technically demanding form of dance. The strength, balance, flexibility and precision required to dance ballet is quintessential. No one would argue that fact. However, in ballroom dancing, for whatever reason, the strength, balance and flexibility that all dancers admire and respect, seem to fall by the wayside and the focus is more on learning steps and routines.  […] Why don’t ballroom dancers do what ballet dancers do to excel at their craft?


Re-igniting the Passion to Dance
April 19th, 2013

Loraine_JC.jpgWhat better way to re-ignite the passion inside of you than to spend a couple days with your lovely coach and mentor?… Joel and I were so fortunate to have Loraine come for a short visit to Vancouver this April. After having 2 full days packed with lessons, lectures and workshops, we are re-inspired again to dance from within, to search for the truth and to pass it on to our beloved students!… Loraine covered so many essential topics that included: usage of the tailbone, figure 8 hip action, foot pressure and foot propulsion, circling energy flow, …


Dancing Requires Energy Plus!
July 20th, 2011

Ballroom Dancing has certainly changed over the years! Just the name itself already gives you a hint to where it has gone: DANCESPORT. Whether you like it or not, Ballroom is definitely more athletic these days. Especially in the IDSF amateur categories, dancers are pushing the limits as to how fast they can go and how far they can move!


Straight Arms and Broken Backs!
July 19th, 2011

Shaping is one of those things that are so often misunderstood. Often dancers break their backs and necks in order to attain what they perceive as a big shape. One of my biggest pet peeves is ladies that dance with a straight right arm. It is obvious that they do not know how to create shape properly, and are therefore using that right arm to push themselves into the space that they think they should be in.