Joel and Clara Marasigan

UBC Dance Club Advanced Class – Week 1


ubcdanceclubLast night marked the start of another year at the UBC Dance Club.  Every year, we enter the class with high hopes of copious learning and fun-filled classes.  Last night, well…  let’s say that there was an air of nervousness.  Unlike previous years, there is only a handful of returning Advanced Class members, which means that quite a few of the students are brand new to this level.  To their credit, many of them have graduated through the levels at the UBC Dance Club, and should find confidence in that.

To help this year of ‘newcomer’ Advanced Class members settle into the realm of higher level dancing, I thought it would be helpful to post some of my own notes and thoughts on this blog, so that interested students can find some helpful reminders for the class.  Having only 16 hours of classes to become competent Advanced Level dancers is always a challenge, so I’m hoping that this blog will help everyone keep up with the class and learn at a good pace.

If this blog sounds a bit cryptic, there’s a reason for that…  you’ve gotta join the class to get the full story!  If you want to join the class, it’s never too late.  Just contact the UBC Dance Club at:

Pleas e feel free to write comments and questions, but keep in mind that it may be a few days until I’m able to post a reply.  See you all next Tuesday!



  • Newcomer Grouping:
    123,456 Natural Turn
    Closed Change
    123,456 Reverse Turn
  • Bronze Grouping:
    Natural Turn
    Chasse to the Right
    Outside Change

Main points:
-difference in Rise and Fall between 456 Natural Turn & Hesitation
-difference in Movement between 123 Reverse Turn & Chasse to the Right
-difference in man’s and lady’s Foot Placement on step 2 of Outside Change.


  • Newcomer Grouping:
    Quarter Turn to Right
    Progressive Chasse
  • Silver Grouping:
    Natural Turn
    Spin Turn

Main Points:
– difference in man’s and lady’s Foot Placement on steps 1 and 2 of Spin Turn
-last 3 steps of V.6 are basically the same as the Outside Change in the Waltz (see above note)


JC teaching Tango at DSBC's City Centre Event

Joel & Clara teaching Tango at DSBC's City Centre Event

More on Joel…

This is Joel’s 5th year teaching at the UBC Dance Club.

Here is an excerpt taken from the UBC Dance Club website.

Joel is both a graduate of UBC as well as the UBC Dance Club. Since graduating from UBC, Joel with his partner (now wife) Clara decided to pursue their dancing dreams full time. For more than 10 years, their pursuit of great ballroom dancing brought them around the world.

During their competitive careers, they became the highest ranked BC Standard couple in Canada over the past 30 years, were Team Canada Members to the World Championships and 4-Times undefeated BC Amateur Champions. They have danced on numerous Television shows and were specially selected to dance in the Hollywood movie, “Shall We Dance?” starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez.

Being part of the only Canadian couple ever to live and train in both England and Italy (the two epicentres of ballroom dancing), Joel is delighted to be back home in Vancouver to be able to share the knowledge and experiences he has accumulated over the years. Having moved forward and become co-founder of his own dance company (JC Dance Co), Joel is delighted to still be a part of the UBC Dance Club. He still remembers the excitement of being part of the club (both as a student and as the club’s president) and is thrilled to teach and inspire a new wave of student dancers.


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