Joel and Clara Marasigan

UBC Dance Club Advanced Class – Week 2



Last evening, we concentrated less on figures and more on technique.

The main idea for Week 2 was connection.   You must be connected within your own body and within the couple.  I introduced how to create proper poise using an isolation of the shoulder blades, as well as the approximate amount of head turn for the man and lady to the left.  Think of the 0-3 range.

Specifically within the Waltz, we talked about clarity of rise and fall, or in some cases a lack of rise and fall.  In Quickstep, we explored the differences between leading and following figures after the Spin Turn.  Be clear about door #1 versus door #2, plus the difference in energies between a quick and a slow action.

Overall, in all dances, you need to make sure that your partner can feel where you are.  I gave a few examples in class which showed the difference between telling your partner where you are and that you’re ready to dance, or not telling him/her where you are and therefore, not giving them the confidence that you’re ready to dance.


  • Newcomer Grouping:
    Natural Turn
    Spin Turn
    Progressive Chasse
  • Silver Grouping:
    Natural Turn
    Spin Turn

We finished the class talking very briefly about developing a good strategy for practice.  Go through the practice steps in order.  If you’re having difficulty with one of them, then revert to the previous step in order to help problem solve.   Be patient, and don’t be in a rush to get to practice step #3.

See you all next Tuesday!  (…and for all those who are reading this blog and are not signed up yet with the class, it’s not too late to join!  Contact the UBC Dance Club at: or just show up before the class starts next Tuesday @ 8pm and sign up in person.)

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