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UBC Dance Club Advanced Class – Week 3



I’m sitting at the computer with my little baby girl on my lap, while I try to write this blog with one hand.  I am hoping that someone is reading this blog, so that Samantha’s lap time in front of the computer screen is not in vain!  (For more pics of Baby Samantha, please visit our web site at

The UBC Advanced Class is coming right along these days.  The class as a whole is becoming more comfortable with their Waltz and Quickstep, and are for the most part implementing the technique talked about in class.

During our review of the Waltz, I briefly reminded everyone to focus on the stronger movement through the Chasse to the Right, as well as the rise and fall in the Outside change.

During our review of the QS, we worked mainly on the full Spin Turn.   Specifically, we worked on a stronger CBM action and did a simple exercise to feel how it should be done.  Within the exercise, we were also very specific with where our head should be.  As we danced the Spin Turn, we used our left side to help create rotational energy.

We then introduced the Slow Foxtrot, starting with the basic musicality of the dance.  We then progressed to the two most basic figures: the Feather Step and the Three Step.   Footwork, rise and fall and rotation for inside and outside partner steps were taught.   To finish off the class, we showed a specific exercise that can be used to strengthen your feet, ankles and legs so that proper footwork can be danced within the Slow Foxtrot.

Slow Foxtrot:

  • Newcomer Grouping:
    Feather Step
    Three Step

See you all next Tuesday!  (…and for all those who are reading this blog and are not signed up yet with the class, it’s not too late to join!  Contact the UBC Dance Club at: or just show up before the class starts next Tuesday @ 8pm and sign up in person.)

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