Joel and Clara Marasigan

UBC Dance Club Advanced Class – Week 4



Last night we had a double class of Ballroom at UBC, because Kyryl was out of town.  Thanks to all the dancers for staying focused and continuing to learn over the full 2 hours.  Maybe it was because I ended up turning the class into a fun competition between the guys and the girls, but nevertheless we sure got a lot done!

Using the figures that we already learnt from the previous classes, we were able to modify the amount of turn in the Spin Turn to be able to turn the corner in the Quick Step.  Based on this QS grouping, we added a new grouping to the Waltz that could be used either along a wall or around a corner.  The result of all this?  Students turning into real dancers… by being able to dance continuously around the floor, instead of stopping at the end of a wall, walking back to the start, and doing the same grouping again.

Guys:  remember your footwork and rise/fall to help you change direction.

We then continued dancing the Slow Foxtrot.  First we did heel turns, being clear with weight transfer and footwork.  We then proceeded to create a long grouping to get around the floor.  Guys and girls need to be clear how and when to promote outside partner steps .  Girls need to focus on their footwork when going backwards.

President Edmund(a)

President Edmund(a)

Slow Foxtrot:

  • Bronze Grouping:

Feather Step (Change of Direction)
Reverse Turn
Feather Finish (Change of Direction)
Three Step
Natural Weave
Change of Direction

A big thanks needs to be given to Hao and Edmund(a) for demonstrating how to dance the Slow Fox Grouping ‘not-so-perfectly’.  Please try and remember their mistakes so that you can learn from them.

Again, good job dancing around the floor continuously in all 3 dances that we have covered so far!

At the end of the class, I made a proposal to the class.  If a full 10 couples from the Advanced Class register AND dance at the coming Team Match in November, I’d do something for the class.  Please login or create your user name on our blog so that you can write some suggestions as to what I should do.

By the way, the girls won the contest this time around.  When I got home and told Clara that the girls won, she said, “But of course!”.  Guys:  Let’s pick up our socks and give the girls a run for their money! (although there is no money)

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