Joel and Clara Marasigan

UBC Dance Club Advanced Class – Week 6



It was nice to be back at the SUB Ballroom, since last week was a double Latin lesson.  I was pleased to see that many of the dancers remembered most of what was taught 2 weeks ago in our double Standard lesson.  We covered a lot during that last class, so this week we did a lot of review .

We clarified quite a few points in our Slow Foxtrot.  In fact, once everyone realized that the guys received a bonus competition point for asking a lot of questions, the girls came back with many good questions of their own.

Remember the difference between the Rise and Fall in the Feather Step and the 3-Step, as this also applies to the Ladies in the Reverse Wave.  Guys:  make sure your Rise and Fall plus your footwork and foot/body placement is correct, so that the ladies feel your lead for their heel turns and don’t get pulled out of them afterwards.

We also explored the strong amount of CBM at the very beginning of the Change of Direction.

Slow Foxtrot:

  • Silver Grouping:
    Feather Step
    Underturned Reverse Turn
    Reverse Wave
    Open Impetus
    Weave from Promenade Position
    Change of Direction

At the end of the class, I reminded everyone of the proposal I made to the class at the end of week 4.  If a full 10 couples from the Advanced Class register AND dance at the coming Team Match in November, I will do something special for the class.  Please login or create your user name on our blog so that you can write some suggestions as to what I should do.

By the way, the girls won the contest AGAIN, but this time it was a lot closer.  If it is any consolation, the guys did do better when we had the heel turn contest!  Overall score:  Girls 2, Guys 0.

See you all next Tuesday!  (…and for all those who are reading this blog and are not signed up yet with the class, it’s not too late to join!  Contact the UBC Dance Club at: or just show up before the class starts next Tuesday @ 8pm and sign up in person.)

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