Joel and Clara Marasigan

UBC Dance Club Advanced Class – Week 7



As we are approaching the annual UBC Team Match this Saturday, we concentrated on the Slow Foxtrot for most of the lesson this week.  We did a thorough review of the previous groupings taught, plus added a new Gold level grouping.

During our review, I stressed the importance of the Slow timing into the heel turns, plus the timing of the CBM for the Change of Direction.  We clarified once again which steps are in-line and outside partner, especially through our Silver grouping that has the Reverse Wave.

As an introduction to the Gold grouping, Fallaway Position was defined.  We did an exercise walking forwards and back in Promenade and Fallaway Position.  In changing from Closed to Promenade or Fallaway Position, we learned that the man and the lady have different roles depending on the figure.  Please be clear about this, especially when dancing the Bounce Fallaway.

Slow Foxtrot:

  • Gold Grouping:
    Feather Step
    Bounce Fallaway
    Weave Ending
    Natural Weave
    Change of Direction

At the end of the class, we quickly reviewed the Silver Quickstep and added a Lock Step after the V.6, especially since many of the students were already used to dancing it.  Keep in mind which steps are outside partner for this figure.


  • Gold Grouping:
    Natural Turn
    Spin Turn
    Lock Step
    Natural Turn

For a change this week, it was the guys who accumulated more points during the class.  Overall score:  Girls 2, Guys 1.

Although there aren’t the 10 couples that I was hoping for entered in the Team Match, I hope to see everyone there, cheering on their classmates.  Don’t miss out on the fun!  There will be skits from each of the teams, demonstrations by competitive dancers and by the JC Dance Co. Performance Team, and of course, tonnes of general dancing.  Clara and I will be judging and little Sammie will be collecting our bribes!  See you there!

For more information on Team Match, contact the UBC Dance Club at:

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