Joel and Clara Marasigan

UBC Dance Club Advanced Class – Weeks 8-10


ubcdanceclubAfter a very busy holiday season (with at bit of food poisoning thrown in just before Christmas), it was nice to get back to the SUB Ballroom (with its uncharacteristically clean floor) and teach the UBC Advanced Class.  After taking an informal poll during the class, it was good to see at least half of the students had danced ballroom sometime during the holiday break!

Over the last few weeks of class, we covered quite a few of figures, as well as technique, to be able to dance the figures much better.  Be clear in your promenade and fallaway positions with your feet, hips, shoulders and hands.  Also be clear with what your feet and bodies are doing in outside partner steps.

Since I wasn’t able to write blogs after weeks 8 and 9, here’s a summary of the figures covered over the last few classes including this week’s class.


  • Bronze Grouping:
    2 Walks
    Progressive Link
    Natural Twist Turn
    Closed Promenade
    1 Walk
    Rock Turn
  • Silver Grouping:
    2 Walks
    Progressive Link
    Open Promenade
    Outside Swivel

Slow Foxtrot:

  • Silver Grouping:
    Feather Step
    Reverse Turn (under turned)
    Reverse Wave
    Open Impetus
    Weave From Promenade Position

Quick Step:

  • Silver Grouping:
    Natural Turn
    Spin Turn
    V.6 (Over turned)
    Quick Open Reverse
    Progressive Chasse

The overall score between the girls and the guys:  Girls 4, Guys 2.  I still haven’t found out what the prize is for the winning team.  Any suggestions?

See you all next Tuesday!  (…and for all those who are reading this blog and are not signed up yet with the class, it’s not too late to join!  Contact the UBC Dance Club at: or just show up before the class starts next Tuesday @ 8pm and sign up in person.)

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