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Grand Ballroom Fundraiser for Japan Relief


JAPAN-QUAKE/The Grand Ballroom is hosting an Amateur Team Match this weekend on Saturday, April 9th. All proceeds from this event will be donated to The Canadian Red Cross to help relief efforts for victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. Come on out, as there is a fantastic roster of dancers, including both the top Standard and Latin competitors in BC! Joel is one of the Team Captains (apparently of the Mean Green Machines) and I will be one of the judges who hopes to be bribed!!! :)

On Friday March 11, 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan. This has triggered 4 metre waves in Japan and tsunami warnings across the Pacific coastline. Thousands of people are reported dead, and many more are injured or missing. The earthquake has caused fires and severe damage to buildings, leaving thousands of households without electricity.

The Japanese Red Cross has deployed medical tents and over 80 medical teams to the affected area. Volunteers are on the ground providing first aid and search and rescue operations. The Red Cross has started Restoring Family Links activities and emergency relief planning is underway.

So far, the Canadian Red Cross has transferred $5 million in cash to the Japanese Red Cross to support relief efforts following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The money will be used to support emergency health and the distribution of relief items to people impacted by this disaster.

JAPAN-QUAKE/“The compassion the Canadian people have demonstrated over the past week through their generous support to the Canadian Red Cross is incredibly uplifting at a time when we are dealing with such an immense humanitarian tragedy,” stated Satoshi Sugai, Director International Relief Division, Japanese Red Cross Society. “This financial support is very much needed and continues to be welcomed to help the hundreds of thousands of lives that will forever be changed by this disaster.”

The Japanese Red Cross has an official role as part of the National Disaster Response Plan in Japan. Their role focuses on supporting emergency medical care, hospital care, psychological support, and distribution of relief supplies such as blankets, food and basic supplies.

The Canadian Red Cross has also been part of a high level support team that recently deployed a disaster response specialist to Japan. The team is assisting the Japanese Red Cross in addressing current critical gaps and in creating a longer term recovery plans.

The Canadian Red Cross will send additional financial support as the needs of people affected by this disaster unfold. Canadians can continue to support Red Cross relief efforts by making a financial donation to the Canadian Red Cross Japan Earthquake/Asia-Pacific Tsunami fund.

(Taken from the Canadian Red Cross website:


So come out to the Grand Ballroom this weekend and bring all your friends!  The event runs from 8pm until midnight.  Tickets are only $20.  Special thanks go to the Grand Ballroom for being such great leaders in the dance community and supporting such a worthy cause!

For more information about the Grand Ballroom Team Match / Fundraising Gala  this weekend, contact the Grand Ballroom.

The Grand Ballroom
12200 Riverside Way
Richmond, BC
V6W 1K5
Tel: 604-273-3130

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