Joel and Clara Marasigan

The Return of Robson Square


Ever since I first started ballroom dancing, I remember looking forward to Robson Square every Friday night during the summer months. I was so sad to hear that it was not happening during the renovations for the Olympics…but after a 3 year hiatus, I am thrilled that it’s finally back!

Robson Square is definitely a part of history for me and I’m sure for many other people in the dance community. Back when Joel and I started dancing at the UBC Dance Club (and I won’t say when), Robson Square was in full swing. I loved being able to go out there and dance the night away with so many different people who shared our passion for dance. It was also a great opportunity to get away from the daily grind of serious dance practice!

For those of you who don’t know, Robson Square started back in 1979. In fact, for many years, the legendary Dal Richards Orchestra used to play for the crowd. I wasn’t around way back when, but Joel and I did manage to enjoy one year when BCADA (the old DanceSport BC) hired a live band for the evening. It was great!

These days, most people don’t understand the value of dancing to live music, as it is so much easier to have pre-recorded music played by a DJ. Well, let me tell you…Dancing at the Winter Gardens to the Empress Orchestra is an experience like no other! The quality of sound is simply amazing! Those who danced to the Ross Mitchell band at the Okanagan Classic one year would know what I mean, and those who were around during the days of live music at Robson Square would probably also share my sentiment.

Live music or not, Robson Square seems to be an unbeatable venue. Although DSBC made a great attempt to make up for Robson Square by organizing the City Centre Summer Dance Event at the Art Gallery in 2009 and the Granville Street Dancing Event in 2010, nothing was able to replace the Robson Square Summertime Dance Series. The venue lends itself to a warm and cozy, yet fully inviting feeling that encourages anyone to walk onto the dance floor and get lost in the music and the crowd of dancers.

If you just started dancing within the past few years or you never bothered to go and check it out Robson Square in the past, I encourage you all to get out there and have some fun!

For those of you who don’t know about Robson Square, it is a DanceSport BC organized event that runs from 8-11pm every Friday until the end of August. There is a free lesson at 8pm and shows at 9&10pm. Each evening features a different teacher and a different group of dancers.

JC Dance Co.’s night is on August 12th, so mark it down in your calendar as one not to miss! We will be there dancing with our DanceSport students and our Performance Team, showing everyone out there how much fun it is to ballroom dance at any level, social, competitive or showcase. Remember August 12th! See you then, if not sooner!


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