Joel and Clara Marasigan

Don’t Just Practice Harder, Train Smarter!!!


Time and time again, I see too many dancers waste their time “practicing”. They think that being at the ballroom for 2 to 3 hours means that they are hard working and diligent students; but in reality, they really don’t accomplish much. Either they are running through material aimlessly, not knowing what to fix and how to fix it; or they are standing on the floor “discussing” (or worse arguing) about what they should be doing.

One of the biggest problems I see is lack of organization. How many of you go to dance practice, knowing what you need to work on? Have you discussed beforehand what the topic of the day is; or at least what dances or what sections need the most work? Have you thought about the issues in the car ride over to the studio? Or did you just jump on the floor after a tiring days work, without even a thought about what’s about to happen once you make physical contact with your partner?

A good analogy I can think of brings me back to the old days of the UBC Dance Club (and any past or present execs will know what I mean)…

Let’s say you have an important meeting scheduled and there is no agenda posted. How will you know what the meeting is about? How will you come prepared? Basically, what will end up happening is that random ideas will pop up here and there with no direction and unfortunately, nothing gets accomplished. Is that the kind of practice we want to have? NO WAY!!!

On Wednesday, Joel and I will be running through a typical practice session that we would have. It will include warm-up, problem solving skills and communication tips. Come and join us and ‘Practice with the Pros!‘.

Everyone is welcome!

Date: Wednesday, July 27th
Time: 8:30-10:00pm
Place: Peretz Centre (2nd floor)
6184 Ash Street (@ 45th Ave)
Cost: $20 per person

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