Joel and Clara Marasigan

JC Holiday Workshops


Back in December between Christmas and New Years, Joel and I held three free mini-workshops at the Broadway Ballroom.  It was our form of an end-of-the -year Christmas present to all of our students!  Now that I have been sorting out the pictures (finally), I decided to post a few…

It was a casual event, so we decided to bring Sammie along to enjoy the festivities.  Little did we know that she would actually join in!  :)

The 3 mini-workshops discussed 1)  individual leg action and sway, 2) differing energies within the couple and 3) musicality, dynamics and emotion.  We had some snacks during the breaks, and admission to the workshops was a donation to the food bank.


Thanks to all of you who made it and brought food and cash donations!



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