Joel and Clara Marasigan

The Latest Addition to the Gala Ball


About a month ago, as I was getting ready to start teaching my Advanced Standard Class at the UBC Dance Club, one of the execs asked me if JC Dance Co. would be interested in sponsoring the Showcase competition at the upcoming Gala Ball.  At that very instant, I thought, “Yah, that’s a great idea!”.

So much of what dancers do these days is focused on either honing their technique or increasing their power and energy, with the unfortunate outcome being that artistry and emotion are rarely mentioned or worked on.  Sport, sport, sport…stronger, higher, faster.  We see this at all levels of dancing, whether it be at the syllabus level or the open amateur level.  With the inclusion of a new Showcase competition, Clara and I are hoping that more dancers will find interest and motivation in exploring the artistic and emotional sides of their dancing.

Why do we think these aspects are so important?  Because they are the ones that give truth and meaning to the actual dancing that’s taking place.  Have you ever seen a couple dance around the floor with no expression or emotion?  They look like robots dancing, totally lacking ‘humanity’.  How about a couple whose emotion doesn’t fit with what they are actually dancing?  Maybe they look like they’re in pain while dancing a Waltz or constantly overjoyed while dancing  a Rumba.  It just ends up looking and feeling wrong.

To start exploring artistry and emotion a couple can ask themselves, “Why are we doing this figure?  What’s the story behind it?”  Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be the exact same story throughout the dance, or the same emotion through it either.  You could start out with a ‘questioning’ feel, then change to ‘flirtation’, then ‘aggression’ and back to ‘questioning’.   Now how would that look in a Waltz showcase?  How about a Paso Doble showcase?  I think it could work for either and have a great effect!

We’ve seen some great showcases over the years at various events and competitions.  Some were heart-wrenching, while others had us laughing our guts out.  Either way, they were danced with commitment and truth.  The really great ones made us feel alive.

JC Dance Co. Performance Team at the River Rock Casino

This is one of the main reasons we started the JC Dance Co. Performance Team.  We wanted to give dancers the opportunity to explore their dancing outside of the ‘competition scene’.   Over the past 2 years, we’ve been able to explore different story lines from dueling gangs to sailors on leave, and from sweaty sexy flirtation to classy jazzy flirtation.  All of them have been quite unique, and all of them have been so much fun to choreograph and dance.

We’re honoured and excited to be sponsoring the Showcase competition at the UBC Gala Ball this coming weekend, and hope that this becomes an annual event that both dancers and audiences look forward to every year!   Come out and cheer on your favourite Showcase!


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