Joel and Clara Marasigan

Wedding Extravaganza


IMG_5498.JPGLast night, JC Dance Co. did a show at the Four Seasons hotel in downtown, Vancouver. We were the main entertainment for a big wedding extravaganza!

We didn’t know what to expect at first, but when we got there, we were excited to see huge floral arrangements, tonnes of white chiffon, fancy chandeliers and close to 500 guests!

The crowd was great!  They were actually the perfect audience for our Cinema and J Lo shows: young, hip and stylish.  Unlike some dinner events that we’ve been to, the crowd got really into it, and one guy actually took to the floor during the show!  :)


Hanging out with our team is always full of fun times… lots of makeup and hairspray flying around, along with rhinestones, fishnets and feathers!

The worst part of getting ready for the show though was being in the back area with the servers. Seeing all the food and desserts pass by was complete torture! 😀

Seriously though, the whole event was a blast!  Last night’s show, however, was the final show with our dear team member, Audrey Cruz Chan. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to yet another team member leaving our team and our beautiful city. Thanks for all the laughs, and good luck with your dancing Audrey!

Our beautiful ladies: Hiyasmin, Audrey, Naomi & Ayumi

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