Joel and Clara Marasigan

Second last night of Robson Square!


Robson Square.  What can I say…  I’ve always enjoyed the free open air dances at Robson Square and was quite disappointed the years that it was cancelled for renovations.  Now that there are only 2 nights left, I feel somewhat sad that it is coming to an end.  :(

I tried to attend every single night in the past, but with 2 kids now, this year was quite the challenge.  Still, we managed to attend quite a few, and Samantha for sure, really enjoyed herself!

This Friday August 24th is JC Dance Co.’s night @ Robson Square.  Joel and I chose to teach the Viennese Waltz.  Yes, I know: it’s a difficult dance, and it doesn’t seem very social…  But that’s why we’d like to teach an easier ‘social version’ of the Viennese Waltz;  that way, any dancer of any level can move around the floor when the VW music is played.  8pm is the free lesson.  Come and try it out!

JC Dance Co. is doing both shows at 9&10pm.  Our Adult Performance Team will be dancing their smooth and jazzy Foxtrot show, and a new Latin Fusion number to J Lo’s ‘Get on the Floor'; our Senior Performance Team will be doing a Tango show for the very first time; and Joel and I will be doing a progression style Viennese Waltz show, commentated again, by Joel himself.

It’s been very tough getting our Viennese show off the ground, as we are just busy, busy, busy with our family and running our own business.  At first, when we discussed doing the show back at the beginning of the summer, I thought, “Great!  At least I’m not pregnant this year!”  However, with Michaela outside my belly instead of inside it, and Samantha in her ‘terrible twos’, I should have known…  It’s been very challenging to organize any practice time together!  Nevertheless, we’re going to go for it.  So please cheer us on no matter what happens!  :)

Our finale will be our ‘Sing Sing’ Jive/Quickstep, which will be danced by our Performance Team.  Joel and I will do a little Quickstep solo, and some of our competitive couples will join in at the very end for the big finale.

All in all, I am looking forward to an exciting evening… one of the last Robson Squares of this Summer 2012.  Here’s a preview of our shows.  Come and cheer us on!

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