Joel and Clara Marasigan

Lindy Hop with Miles & Tessa!


This past Sunday, the JC Dance Co Performance Team had an awesome workshop with Canadian Swing Champions, Miles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham.  We learned a bunch of Lindy Hop moves and some cool lifts!  Unfortunately, I was too busy being thrown in the air by Joel to take photos, so there are no compromising shots of the team this time, and therefore, no blackmail material.  Aw, shucks!


JC Performance Team with Miles & Tessa, sporting our Jazz hands!

We had a lot of fun getting body parts stuck in weird places and even a few people down to the floor.  If it’s any consolation, Miles remarked that Ballroom dancers are the most graceful at falling!  Yay!  :)

The hardest thing for me to do (and one of the best tips from Tessa) was not to laugh when you’re up in a lift (so that you maintain a strong core).  Man, that’s tough!  I’m one of those people who, instead of being scared and fearing for their lives, laugh uncontrollably on roller coasters.  It’s the same here…  hahaha!  😀

Thanks so much to Miles & Tessa for giving us such a fantastic introduction to Lindy Hop and inspiring us to put some new moves into our show routine.  Congratulations to the both of you on your upcoming wedding… in less than 2 weeks, it will be Miles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe!  Woohoo!


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