Joel and Clara Marasigan

UBC Holiday Ball


Wow!  It’s Tuesday and I’m still recovering from the weekend.  Last weekend was full of parties!  We had 3 parties to go to:  a Princess Birthday Party for Sammie’s friend, a play date for both girls, and of course the UBC Holiday Ball!  I’ve never been much of a party girl myself, but ever since having kids, it’s Go, Go, Go!  Party, Party, Party!

IMG_7814.JPGI wasn’t actually planning to bring the kids to Holiday Ball, as it was way past their bedtime, but Joel insisted.  Everything we do these days is centred around the kids;  we want them to be exposed to lots of different people and lots of different experiences.  So everytime I think we might have a nice quiet night out for just the two of us, we inevitably end up bringing the kids.  :)

I’m glad we brought the girls out though, as it was an unforgettable night of firsts for them.  It was the latest night ever for Michaela so far (she got there sleeping, but then ended up waking up part way through); it was Sammie’s first ever Limbo contest (which she did with her ever so limber grandma!); and it was the first time Daddy got to do a Waltz with Michaela on the dance floor!  :)

Big shoutout to all executives of the UBC Dance Club for putting together a great party.  We didn’t get to Holiday Ball until after the dinner was served, but there looked to be some very impressive looking food left over on the table.  There were the usual party games, including the infamous Vogue and the Limbo contest, as well as a bunch of prizes to be won.

Good luck to all the students who are in the midst of final exam preparations.  It was great to see so many people out, even though it’s crunch time.  Hope you can all take a break from your studies and come out to December Magic on Dec 14th at the Broadway Ballroom, for some more holiday dancing festivities!

For our JC Dance Co. December Magic Party, we will definitely have babysitters on hand, so that we can actually step onto the dance floor together for the show!  :)

Here’s a preview of what’s to come at December Magic…

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