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Top 11 things that tell me Summer is Coming!


Summer is coming!!!  Woohoo!  Here are my top favourite things that tell me that Summer is around the corner!

1)  Clearing away my winter clothes to make room in the closet for summer stuff.  (Some people find this tedious, but I LOVE it!  Re-organizing my closet is actually one of my favourite things to do!  Weird, I know; Joel thinks so too.)

2)  Taking out all of my girls’ pretty frilly summer dresses and putting their hair into pigtails!  (Can anything be more CUTE???  Samantha watched me hang up all her ‘pretty dresses’ , her eyes wide with excitement.  And of course, she wanted to put one on right away!)

3)  Cleaning the patio of grime and weeds.  (OK.  This one is NOT so fun.)

4)  Planting and reviving the flowers in our planters.  (Yech!  Gardening is not for me.  However, it was definitely more bearable this year with Michaela by my side, helping to plant with her little blue plastic shovel. :))

5)  Dinners on the patio.  (What’s better than eating outdoors in the fresh air?  LOVE IT!)

6)  Hot evenings in our West facing apartment.  (If you live in a West facing apartment with windows all along the sides, you will know what I mean.  A couple weeks ago, we almost needed to bring out the air conditioning unit!)

7)  Wearing short shorts around the house that make my husband’s eyes go ‘ga-ga’!  (You’d think he’s back in high school or something!  Get a grip, man! :D)

8)  Hearing murmurings about Robson Square Summertime Dance Series.  (Looks like the schedule’s out and the hours have been extended from last year!  YAY!)

9)  Getting calls and emails left & right about Wedding dance lessons.  (Summer is definitely here when I’m at the studio with a new bride & groom every week.  ‘Love is in the air… Everywhere I look around!’  For those dance fans out there:  What movie is that song from?)

10)  Going to Whole Foods to get my favourite Chocolate Bliss Salt Spring Gelato!  (All I can say is “YUMMMMMY!” – with my mouth full of chocolate!  Om nom nom)

11)  Enjoying the Granville Island buskers.  (Granville Island: my favourite place in the world!  Good food and good entertainment in a beautiful and relaxing environment.  What could be better?  …especially when you have a little cutie to dance with.  And no, I don’t mean Joel!)


What are your top faves?


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