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The return of Dance Pacifica?


Last weekend we led a group of 31 dancers on an epic adventure to the Island (Vancouver Island that is)!  JC Dance Co. was invited to do a showcase at the Dance Pacifica Gala on June 8th in Victoria, BC.  The group of us had a great time entertaining the guests, dancing the night away and then going on our own little excursions afterwards.

For the last 2 years, Dance Pacifica has been a dinner/dance Gala event.  But for those of you who just started dancing recently, and are not aware, Dance Pacifica used to be a DanceSport competition held in June every year.

The old Dance Pacifica comp holds a lot of memories for me…   It was the first competition that I ever did on the Island (since I skipped IFB because of exams);  it’s the first time I had ever won 4 perpetual trophies at a single event (Yeah, it was only Bronze & Silver level, but hey, it was a big deal for me back then.);  and it was the first comp that I ever competed in the Open Standard category, where my partner and I ended up placing third (and no: there weren’t only 3 couples!).

It’s truly a shame that the competition has not been held over the past 2 years.  However, I have some insider information that the Victoria Ballroom Dance Society is trying to bring back the competition for next year!  YAY!!!  There has been some talk about changing the date, which personally I’m against, as I see the Victoria trip as being a wonderful opportunity to visit the Island in it’s sunny glory.  However, I do also understand that attendance has been low in the past, possibly due to the time of year that the competition has been held.

Another reason for the low attendance (which has been posted on my blog in the past) is due to the perceived costs involved in making the trip out to the Island.  It does get very expensive if you have to bring your car onto the ferry and stay at a hotel.  However, for those of you who don’t know, VBDS is full of very helpful and generous volunteers!  When I was a student back at UBC, I would get myself to the ferry terminal, walk onto the ferry as a foot passenger, and be picked up on the other side by my billet (person housing me and my partner for the night).  In the end, it was actually quite a cheap trip that way!

Costs and date of the event are obvious issues… but are there other issues that you can think of?  If any of you competitors or spectators out there can offer comments or suggestions on how to make Dance Pacifica come back as a viable, annual DanceSport competition, please post below!  With the Grand Ballroom closing this year, and the disappearance of 2 big annually held competitions, it would be great to have Dance Pacifica come back, full force.

We need YOUR input!!!


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