Joel and Clara Marasigan

The Ultimate Ballroom night @ Robson Square


Come out and join us for a fun night of dancing at Robson Square this Friday July 26!  We will be starting the evening with a FREE Social Foxtrot lesson at 8pm.  If you’ve never learnt the Social Foxtrot, come on out.  It is an essential tool that should be in your arsenal, especially on crowded floors such as Robson Square!

JC Dance Co.’s Performance Teams will be doing the shows at both 9 & 10pm.  New to this year’s program is a ‘Bollywood Samba’ by our Adult Performance Team, and a ‘Singing in the Rain’ Foxtrot, featuring our Senior Performance Team.

2013 marks the third year that Joel & I have been doing ‘Progressive’ demonstrations (as was named by one of our students).  We pick a dance, demonstrate it from it’s very basic form, take it through it’s development of syllabus figures and eventually show how it leads to open choreography. During the whole dance, Joel does a colour commentary on the microphone and brings it all together in one fluid presentation (fingers crossed)!

Come and cheer us on.  We haven’t competed in so long that we miss all the attention!  Hahaha!  😀

The FREE lesson is at 8pm, and FREE shows are at 9&10pm. For a SNEAK PEEK of the shows… check out our video below!

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