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Bye Bye Summer, Bye Bye Summer Weddings


Summer is officially over. *sigh* It’s now October, and I have finally put away all my linens, tanks and shorts, as well as my little girls’ pretty dresses. :(  With the end of summer also comes the end of wedding season.

SOS wedding dance couple: Regan & Mark



2013 has kept me quite busy with teaching brides and grooms their First Dance. This summer, JC Dance Co. has helped over 20 couples get ready for their wedding dance. Like always, we met so many fabulous couples, had loads of laughs and a tonne of fun!

Most people wonder why we enjoy teaching wedding dance lessons so much when the majority of our clientele are DanceSport competitors. What people don’t realize is that dancing is dancing. Whether I’m teaching beginners who want to do a few simple moves at their wedding or DanceSport couples getting ready for the National Championships, the essence of the dance is one and the same. It is about the subtle art of communication between two bodies and about moving together to music.

I actually think of wedding dance lessons as quite the challenge.  I only have 4-7 lessons to teach a couple how to lead and follow, which normally can take people years!  In some cases, in our SOS wedding package, I only have 90 minutes!!!  Granted I am teaching very simple and easy-to-learn steps compared to that of DanceSport routines… However, it’s still quite an amazing feat to be able to learn how to dance in such a short period of time.  It’s also extremely rewarding for me to see them walk in knowing absolutely nothing and have them walk out the door with a new skill:  being able to dance a few simple moves together on the dance floor.

Wedding dance:  Phoebe & David


This year, I actually had a few old students come in for wedding dance lessons as well, which is always nice to see. One of my past students, who was a DanceSport competitor that I coached all the way from Silver up to Championship level got married this summer. Yay Phoebe! She and her now husband (who wasn’t a dancer) came in for some dance lessons. They did a spectacular routine complete with lifts and all!  Way to go David!  :)


Kevin & Yukie with the girls at Phoebe's wedding

My two girls hanging out with Kevin & Yukie


It was a great day of celebration!  My old student (and friend) got married to a guy that is perfect for her; Samantha had her debut performance as flower girl; and as a bonus, we got to see another two of our students who came all the way from San Fran to attend the wedding!  Nice to see you guys Kevin & Yukie!  :)



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