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Happy 2014!


Wow! I haven’t written a blog since last October! Shall I make a New Year’s resolution to write more blogs? :)

Michaela's first steps

Michaela learning to walk

2013 was an incredible year! It was the year my youngest learnt how to walk and then talk; it was the year my oldest went to preschool for the very first time. (And the answer is YES, my life is defined by my kids!)

Hmmm… Any changes for me personally? All I can come up with is that it was the year I got a LOT of new white hairs that even my brother-in-law noticed! (Yes, I still remember that comment David!)

The developments of our kids are just so much more interesting than that of ours! Here’s a picture of Michaela learning to walk back in March!  Isn’t she cute?

Grand Ball 98 Prechamp Latin

Grand Ball 98 Prechamp Latin

Grand Ball 2005

Our last Grand Ball, 2005


In the dance world, 2013 will surely go down in history as the year the Grand Ballroom closed down. For me and for Joel, it was a sad, sad farewell. The Grand Ballroom was the place where Joel did his very first competition; it was where we had our first date (chaperoned by my mom!); it was where we competed together for the first time (in Prechamp Latin!); it was the place we did our last amateur competition together (in 2005); and it was the place we spent countless hours of practicing and taking lessons with local and guest teachers from around the world.

Grand Ballroom Farewell Gala

Grand Ballroom Farewell Gala


‘Thanks’ seems like such an insufficient word to say to Andy & Wendy for dedicating their lives to create such an incredible facility where we could all go and feed our addiction to ballroom dancing. But really, what else can we say?

For JC Dance Co., 2013 was full of teaching, as well as numerous dance productions of our Performance Teams. I coached a new ‘Ladies Only team’ for the first time, which was loads of fun for me; and I started a new venture co-organizing a dance competition, ‘The Vancouver Challenge Cup’!

Ladies Only Charleston

Ladies Only Team dancing the Charleston

2014 is going to bring about lots of change for us. The kids, of course, are going to continue to grow and develop in leaps and bounds; and I will surely gain a few more white hairs! :)

With all the changes in our local dance scene, we hope to see 2014 bring some positive growth all around us…

On our part, JC Dance Co. will be involved in holding a lot more group classes at the Broadway Ballroom, including a Beginner & Intermediate class, as well as a Standard Competitor Training session on Wednesday evenings. We will continue to be dancing in and around the community with our various Performance Teams, and we will be involved in the organization of the Vancouver Challenge Cup on January 17 & 18 at the Hellenic Centre. Our December Magic Year-end Party was another sold-out event in 2013, so hopefully we will be putting on an even grander event at a new, bigger location in 2014!

JC Family Christmas photo

Our overall focus is always to enjoy and live the passion of dance! Thankfully, it’s the one resolution that we never seem to fail at! :)

Hope you all had a great holiday and a Happy New Year!  Wishing you continued happiness and good health for 2014!

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