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Gala Ball 2009 Adult Championship Standard Review


Gala Ball 09 Adult Championship Standard Lineup.  Photo taken by Raymond Chou

Gala Ball 09 Adult Championship Standard Lineup. Photo taken by Raymond Chou

1.       Zillion Wong & Sara Liang ( Deserving champions this evening.  Their competition experience showed as their confidence from the first round through to the last Quickstep made it clear that they knew they would end up on top.  By far the most energetic on the floor, I believe their next step should be to clean up their arm, head and body positions.  If they can achieve and maintain a beautiful silhouette while producing the amount of energy they put into their dancing, they will definitely reach an even higher level.

2.       Brian Lundell & Kyla Ramsay ( I can remember this couple back when they were still dancing in the syllabus levels.  They should be congratulated for their patience and dedication, which has pushed them to this level.  I’m sure that this couple has high expectations for their dancing, and with a better understanding of balancing energy flow with energy dynamics, they very well could reach their goals.  Watching them dance, I get a sense that Brian doesn’t fully trust the energy that Kyla is producing on the floor.  If she can prove to her partner that she has the energy that he’s looking for, then I believe he will start using her energy instead of trying to compensate for it.

3.       Michael Duong & Peony Yao ( This rising star couple looks to be going through a period of transition with their Ballroom.  Known for their youthful energy on the floor, this couple has started to show a better shaped partnership.  Michael has finally shown that he can compete a full round without bunching up his shoulders; a problem the majority of male dancers are still struggling with on a daily basis.  Good job Michael.  Peony has been dancing for so many years that everything seems to come naturally to her.  In order to further improve her performance, she needs to gain a better understanding of the purpose and the emotional context that her dancing comes from.

4.       Zaccheus Lim & Karen Au ( Can you say movement?!   This couple always amazes me with their sheer amount of movement.   Zac uses his long legs to his advantage, and Karen with all her experience does well to stay with him.  This free movement at times gets them into trouble, but if they can learn how to flow and redirect this energy non-muscularly, then who knows how far this couple will go.

5.       Kevin Fahy & Phoebe Gau ( Rising stars who unfortunately lost a little sparkle this evening.  Dancing with a foot injury, it was evident that Kevin was not firing on all cylinders.  Postural improvements by both have allowed them a greater freedom of movement.   When this couple fires on all cylinders, they show a tonne of potential. Their next step is to produce more fullness in shape and in energy.  Considering they are a very new partnership and that Phoebe started dancing just a few years ago, this couple should be applauded for their accomplishments to date.

6.       George Lindholm & Deborah Wong ( Ah, the masters in the field.   Unfortunately, this couple had to scratch from the adult final due to George’s asthma attack during his previous Senior I final.  It would have been great to see how their maturity and smoothness measured up with the adult competitors.  They already proved to everyone that they were deserving of a spot in this adult final, too bad they couldn’t finish what they started.

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