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First Annual Vancouver Challenge Cup!


It’s almost March and I still haven’t even blogged about the Vancouver Challenge Cup, which was an all-consuming event for me, that happened over a month ago now!  Has it really taken me a whole month to recover from all the craziness of organizing a big competition???  No, not quite… but it did take awhile though.

During the last 2 weeks prior to the competition, I completely neglected my kids and my home-life. It took me another 2 whole weeks afterwards to get the house back in order and to get back in the good graces of my kids!

As you can see (by the pic on the right), at least my girls attended the event for 1 of the sessions and were able to see the “fruits of my labour”!  (Samantha still chuckles every time I say that, as she thinks it’s a big funny joke!)

Running a competition is definitely quite something!  For those of you who have run large-scale events before, you know what I mean.  For those of you who haven’t, well… I can tell you that it’s a BIG project to take on.  There are so many little details to keep track of, and so many things to learn.  Being the first time for our organization (The VCC), I think we did quite well!  I for one, was super-pleased with the result and am looking forward to make the event even better next year!

I am so lucky that I have a fabulous team to work with: my brother-in-law, David Marasigan, and my colleague, Michel Guimond.  We work so well together, each of us bringing our own strengths to the partnership.  Some of the biggest contributors to our success was the fact that we were all very efficient and organized, as well as focussed by a common vision

Our vision for the Vancouver Challenge Cup was to create an event that would not only benefit our local DanceSport competitors, but also to provide a venue for social dancers and brand new spectators to experience the joy of ballroom dancing.  I think we achieved our vision; especially with the unique addition of the VCC Mixer (aka Barn dance), the Jack-and-Jill competitions, the Media Wall and the bar with it’s Signature Martinis!

Everyone raved about the venue itself, the Hellenic Centre.  The decorators did a fantastic job, making the atmosphere elegant and professional for the competitors and spectators alike.  Thanks to our very generous sponsors, we were able to dress the place up like many other prestigious large-scale competitions around the world.  It definitely didn’t look like a ‘little local comp, as many might have expected!  (see the before & after pics to the left)


Being the head of volunteers, I was extremely blessed by the help of a fantastic group of people.  Without this enthusiastic bunch of helpers, the event would not have been the same.  Our volunteers were friendly, approachable and went the extra mile to make sure people were enjoying themselves, and for that I am extremely grateful!  (To the right are our last volunteers standing at 2am Sunday morning…  well, almost standing!)

A couple weeks after the event, all 3 of us (David, Michel and I) were already itching to plan the next event.  It was like what brides complain about after their wedding:  ‘the post-wedding blues’!  Hahaha!  Suddenly, we were finding ourselves with so much extra time and energy, but nowhere to put it!

Well… keep your eyes and ears open people!  Our next event will be coming to you soon!  Hint:  It won’t be as far away as the Vancouver Challenge Cup 2015!!!


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