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JC Night @ Robson Square


This year’s Robson Square preparation has been like no other…

For quite some time now (to the chagrin of all you personal trainers out there), I have ceased to do any sort of intense workout.  I stopped running and quit my gym membership 2 years ago, which coincidentally was around the time that my second daughter was born.  [Hmmm… ya think there’s any correlation there? :) ]

“Alls I can say” (a quote that Samantha has picked up somewhere) is that it is VERY challenging to keep your business running and your workout regimen intact, while looking after multiple children.  It’s partly my own doing, as I insist on taking close care of them at this stage of their lives… but I’m hoping that being a constant positive role model will pay off in the end.  *fingers crossed*

Preparing for Robson Square has never been as big of a deal as it has been this year.  Even as a new mom with a 1 year old baby, on the first year that Robson Square Summertime Dance Series returned in 2011, I still managed to get through our performance without too much of a hitch.

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of our Progressive dances, click on the photo below for the video from our show in 2011.  Joel and I performed a Waltz starting with beginner social level steps, evolving to Newcomer all the way up to Open-level choreography, and then finishing back again with a basic box step.  To help educate the audience, Joel wore a wireless microphone to narrate what we were doing throughout the performance.  He was a little afraid that the audience would hear some heavy breathing on the mic, but it turned out just fine!  [I’m curious to see what will happen this year though! :D]

Photo taken by Raymond Chou

Since that first year, Joel and I have done the Viennese Waltz and the Slow Foxtrot on each consecutive year.  This year (the 4th year of our Progressive dance series), is the Quickstep, and I’m finding it much more difficult to regain the energy and stamina to pull off this routine.  *gulp!*

I have to admit… It’s been absolutely gruelling trying to get back in shape for our Progressive Quickstep.  Granted it is a 4 minute Quickstep… [What on earth were we thinking???] but still… It shouldn’t be this painful.  The first few times Joel and I got back to practicing, everything in my body was sore!  My body was screaming at me for not having being used this way for the past 2 years!!!  Even though it’s not the beginning of the year, I have decided that my new resolution is to go back to working out and not to take such a long hiatus ever again!

I’ve been trying very hard to get back into shape, stealing any amount of time here and there to work-out.  Going for runs while pushing the stroller with the 2 girls, doing weights on the patio, push-ups and planks late at night once the girls are asleep and even skipping with Samantha’s jump rope, which didn’t turn out that well!  😀  [I really need to get myself an adult-sized jump rope!]  As you can see below, my workout is often interrupted by my two little munchkins!  :)

Sure I look in shape; I’m not carrying around any excess fat from childbirth and my tummy is relatively flat.  However, there’s a huge difference between ‘LOOKING’ in shape and actually ‘BEING’ in shape.  I’m on my feet for quite a few hours per week teaching part-time (since my main job is looking after the kids), but it still doesn’t prepare you for dancing a full-on 4 minute Quickstep.

The whole process of preparing for Robson Square this year has reminded me of 2 things:  1) that ballroom dancing is extremely good for the body  and 2) you should always stay in shape, no exceptions.  My advice to everyone:  Stay healthy, energized and reduce injury by working out and dancing…  It’s the best way to go!

See you all at JC Night @ Robson Square this Friday!  We will be teaching a FREE Quickstep lesson starting @ 8pm, followed by shows by our Performance Teams @ 9 & 10pm, as well as our 4-minute Progressive Quickstep.  Please come and cheer us on, as I’m going to need all the help I can get!!!  :)

Click on the photo below for a preview of what’s to come…

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