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Happy New Year!


Yes, it’s January 10th and the title of my blog is Happy New Year!  This is what life has become in the Marasigan household…  I for one, always seem to be running late (and I mean, literally running!), as I chase after life (and my children) as it passes me by.

I’ve been wondering for a few days now, what I could possibly write about for the year 2014?  The only things that came to me were that I organized a brand-new competition called the Vancouver Challenge Cup in January… and then it was Christmas!  What happened in between???

Over the year 2014, JC Dance Co. has been steadily plodding along with our group classes at the Broadway Ballroom, and I’m happy to say that after a year of patience (and perhaps a bit of frustration), they’ve finally gained some momentum!  Yay!   :)

Our JC Adult Performance Team did a record-breaking 14 shows over the past year, including charity events, DanceSport competitions, and other local events.  My personal baby, the Ladies Only Team, did a show at Dance Pacifica & Robson Square and are scheduled to do another showing at the Vancouver Challenge Cup next weekend.

Joel and I (as per usual) did 2 shows this year.  I’m discovering that it is getting harder and harder to prepare my body for dancing these days, as I am just so out of shape!  I’m pretty sure it’s age too, that’s catching up with me (eep!), on top of the fact that I’m just not finding the time to work out anymore.  I guess it’s that time, eh?  New Year’s Resolutions!  :)

So the business is always developing, especially with the new addition of the My Dance Coach App that Joel finally launched this year…  but what about personally?

For me, not much, but it’s always amazing (and much more interesting) to see how much the kids grow and develop over a year.  In 2014, Michaela went from mumbling single words to using proper sentences; Samantha learnt how to write, spell, draw and even read; the kids gymnastics skills have improved by leaps and bounds (literally) and they both graduated from sleeping in crib/toddler beds to their new BUNK BEDS!

What did I personally do this year?  I had to go through our library of photos and videos from 2014 to help jog my memory.  Our photo album is completely filled with the girls singing and dancing, kids’ birthday parties, singing and dancing, trips to Granville Island (the best place on earth), singing and dancingdance competitions and shows… and of course more singing and more dancing!  Definitely, (as you can see below) their picture posing skills have improved immensely during this past year!  :)   Hahaha!









OK.  There are in fact two new things that I did this year.  I co-organized a brand-new competition, the Vancouver Challenge Cup(which I am now in the midst of doing for our 2nd year, yipes!) and I renewed my love for hiking in the great outdoors.  I am extremely grateful for this latter point, as my body, mind and soul desperately needed the energy boost, so it came at a very good time.

So with that, we are off to 2015!  The JC Dance Co. family is looking forward to some new and exciting changes in 2015.  We hope that all of you will join us and have a great year in dancing!

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