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Dance to Conquer Cancer


JC Dance Co. in the Richmond Review

JC Dance Co. is an official training partner for the Workout to Conquer Cancer.  We are renaming it “Dance to Conquer Cancer”, as that’s just what we do!  For the next couple months until the end of April, we will be swinging, turning and pivoting our way to help raise money for the cause.  JC Dance Co. will be organizing a number of ballroom dance classes and events that are by donation, with proceeds going to the BC Cancer Foundation’s Workout to Conquer Cancer.

Our first event is our ‘Newbie Night Out‘ this Friday March 6th at the Broadway Ballroom!  Most beginner dancers feel intimidated at the social evening parties, but ‘Newbie Night Out’ is designed to make the Newcomer feel at ease.  We will be kicking off the evening with a Cha Cha lesson from 8:15-8:30pm, so even if you or your friends have never danced before, they will be able to pick up a few steps and use them on the dance floor right away!  Since the Newcomer doesn’t know all the dances (like SlowFox & Samba) and will probably have to sit out for some of the time, we will also have some dance shows that will entertain you Newbies throughout the night.

Newbie Night Out is open to everyone, not just the Newcomers.  We welcome everyone to come out, join the fun and support a good cause.  If you already know how to dance, but have a friend that has always wanted to try it, here’s your chance to drag him/her out!  Just make sure that you show up right at 8:15pm, so that you don’t miss the lesson!

Entry to ‘Newbie Night Out’ is by donation at the door. Minimum donation is $9, which is the price of a regular party night at the Broadway Ballroom.  (Please Note: With donations over $19, you are eligible to receive a partial tax receipt after filling out a form).  If you can’t make it out to our event and are interested in supporting the cause, please visit our team page to make an online donation.

More about Workout to Conquer Cancer:

Workout to Conquer Cancer is just as it says, a fun fitness challenge.  Hundreds of like-minded individuals and companies are pulling together to help raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation, which will culminate in a day-long fitness event on April 25th at the Richmond Oval.  It’s a huge effort to support those facing cancer today and those who may one day face a cancer diagnosis in the future.

Training partners, such as ourselves, are companies who promote health and fitness and are willing to dedicate their time and their talent to raise money for the cause.   Many training partners are offering drop-in classes by donation in and around town, so check them out, make a donation and help support the cause!  Some of the training partners include Barre Fitness, YYoga and Sunberry Fitness in Richmond.  JC Dance Co. will soon be on the list, so check back to the drop-in class schedule within the next couple of weeks.

So many people who have touched our lives have been affected by cancer.  Whether it is personally or professionally, family or friends, friends of friends or friends of other friends’ friends, pretty much everyone knows someone who has gone through some form of cancer.

Research is the foundation of advancements in cancer prevention, early detection and improved treatment options. B.C. is home to a world-class cancer research and care organization and with our efforts, Workout to Conquer Cancer will enable major discoveries that will help revolutionize the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in the coming years.

Join us as we fundraise, dance and train together for this important cause!  If you are unable to make it out to our events or classes, please consider making an online donation to our team and making a difference in the lives of over 25,000 British Columbians who will be diagnosed with cancer this year.

Thanks for your support!  :)

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