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Summer Fun


Summertime in Vancouver is always amazing!  The weather is fantastic (except in the opinion of my poor flowers that are wilting in direct sunlight on our West facing patio!).  There are so many outdoor activities to do and only 3 months to do them in!

Photo by David Marasigan

Photo by David Marasigan

Just like me, my girls love summer!  :)  We go to the beach, the outdoor swimming pool, and definitely the playground almost every day.  There are also so many free festivals and events in Vancouver that we can’t possibly partake in everything even if we wanted to!

One of my (and my girls’) favourite events in the summertime is of course the Robson Square Summertime Dance Series, which offers FREE ballroom dancing every Friday evening!  It’s a great event for people of all ages.  The girls look forward to seeing the awesome shows at 9 & 10pm and to dance the night away with Mommy & Daddy.  :)   [Wonder how long that’s going to last for?]

Dancing with the girls at Robson Square

Every summer, our dance company, JC Dance Co., presents a night of dancing.  This year, it will be this Friday, August 14th.  We will start the evening off by teaching a basic Tango lesson and then our students will dance for the 9 & 10pm shows.  Our performance line-up this year includes 3 shows by our Performance Team dancers, demonstrations by our DanceSport competitors (featuring all levels: beginner to advanced), and a syllabus/open Tango by yours truly, Joel and Clara.

For the last 4 years, Joel and I have been dancing what has been termed “Progressive” dances.  We started with the Waltz back in 2011, by which Joel gave colour commentary on a headset while dancing Newcomer, Bronze, Silver, Gold and finally Open level figures.  We continued that trend with the Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and Quickstep for the next 3 years.


Click on the photo above to see Joel & Clara’s  Progressive Waltz danced at Robson 2011.

Now in our fifth year, it is time for the final dance: the Tango.  We played around with the idea of using a headset for quite awhile, but we decided that it just wasn’t going to work out.  All I could imagine is Joel flicking his head, the headset flying into the audience, knocking out one of the spectators and having to stop the show in order to call the ambulance!

We also decided that it would not be “progressive” this year.  We found a beautiful piece of music to dance to, and the progressive nature of introducing the figures from beginner to advanced just wasn’t a good fit.  But do not despair!  We will still be dancing a full gamut of syllabus figures interspersed with open groupings, as the music dictates.

It’s been a bit rough of a preparation this year, with our hectic schedules and Joel spraining his ankle this summer, but we are excited and ready to dance!  Being the perfectionist that I am,

JC with kids @ Robson 2014
I always seem to have some excuse as to why I do not feel prepared enough.  The 1st year I was fighting a cold and learning how to mother my 1 year old baby.  The 2nd year I had a new 5 month old and I was still carrying some baby fat on me; the 3rd & 4th year all had similar excuses…

In the end, I have to remind myself that dancing at Robson is about sharing our passion and inspiring others to dance, no matter how imperfect our performance may be!  I look forward to dancing for everyone and especially for our 2 little biggest fans!   :)

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