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Spring has Sprung!


Oh Spring time! My favourite time of year! It’s when I can finally get rid of the hardtop and ride my old ’91 Miata around town with the top down! Yay! It’s when I get to lounge out on the patio and enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful foliage that surrounds me and the awakening sounds of spring!

cherry-blossomsThere is definitely something special about the changing of the seasons, especially from Winter to Spring! For the last week, I’ve been busy cleaning off the patio furniture which has been hiding under a tarp for the past 6 months, sending all my heavy winter clothes to the dry cleaners, cleaning my boots and storing all my winter stuff away. Typically, these sound like very tedious tasks, but for me, I LOVE every minute of it!!! It’s quite therapeutic actually, as I think about all the prospects of the new and exciting season!

Sometimes I wonder if I should be living in California. After all, if I love the sunshine and the fresh air so much, why not go to a place that has it all the time? But then I think, ‘Will I appreciate it as much, if I have it all year round?’. Maybe not. I remember one of my teachers from Montreal saying that he really missed the different seasons when he first moved here to Vancouver. And of course, my immediate thought was, you miss the -40 degree weather? Are you crazy??? But I know what he meant… he missed the seasonal changes. It’s not necessarily the Spring season that I’m in love with, but rather the change to a new season. Change is good and sometimes, in a way, very therapeutic.

Spring time brings a new attitude for me. It’s almost like New Year’s. It’s a chance to start something new, make a change and look forward to new beginnings. My ‘Spring time resolution’ is to be a happier and healthier person! And as the weather starts to cooperate, this resolution becomes a lot easier for me to achieve.

I definitely work out more in the Spring. It’s pretty embarrassing that I don’t work out more during the whole entire year, as I live only a block away from the gym. But the reality is, when I can just run out my door and back with a light jacket on, and I don’t have to bundle up in a scarf, hat and gloves, and freeze my butt off walking over there, it’s a lot more pleasant of an experience, and therefore I’m more likely to do it. In the Spring time, not only do I end up getting more fit from going to the gym more often, but I also do Pilates and body ball work outdoors on my patio. Doing it in the in the fresh air, not cooped up in the stuffy, stinky gym, and allowing time for some light meditation, is definitely a bonus of Spring.

It’s kind of funny how the weather dictates how fit I am, but I’m a fair-weathered girl, and it doesn’t just stop there. Not only do I exercise more in the Spring time, but I also tend to eat more healthy foods. As the weather gets better, I tend to move away from all my comfort foods, like tea, chocolate and cookies. Because I need more hydration, I end up drinking more water and have fruit as snacks. I also end up eating a lot more salads, as I just don`t feel like having hot meals anymore. Cold crisp vegetables are so much more appealing to me all of a sudden, as they are again, full of water and therefore very refreshing.

What does Spring time mean for you? Does your fitness regimen change because of the weather? Does your diet change? Try doing some new things for your physical training. Go to the beach and walk barefoot on the sand; this will help your foot articulation as well as your foot and ankle strength for dancing. When it gets hot, try swimming at the outdoor pool; this will help your spine strength and flexibility and therefore improve your posture. Try doing some water aerobics to help you become more aware of the resistance needed to keep your movements smooth and connected on the dance floor.

Try new things and change up your exercise regimen! Do something that your body is not accustomed to doing (well, at least in the last 6 months anyway). You know that saying, Life is good? Well, Life is full of Change, and Change is Good. So embrace the new season, as Spring has now Sprung! Spring into some new ways of training that will keep you on your toes, and keep you improving on the dance floor!

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