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The Return of Robson Square – Abridged Version


Oh the summertime!!!  Being a sun worshipper, I absolutely love the summer months in Vancouver.  It is simply the best time of the year!  When the weather gets good, everyone runs out the house and becomes so much happier and more alive!  It seems that during the fall and winter, everyone just stays home and keeps to themselves.  But once summer is upon us, every weekend is full of BBQs, beach parties, and other events to go to.  Yahoo!

JC dancing at Lonsdale Quay on BC Day, organized by UBC Dance Club

Outdoor dancing at Lonsdale Quay on BC Day, organized by UBC Dance Club

Not only does everyone start throwing parties left and right, but there are also so many festivals and special events throughout the lower mainland.  There are various cultural festivals, music festivals, Dragon Boat Festival, Fireworks, Bard on the Beach, Theatre Under the Stars, PNE, holidays like Canada Day and BC Day, and so much more…

What I always looked forward to in the summertime for years was Robson Square.  It was always the highlight of the summer for us ballroom dancers in Vancouver.  For those of you who don’t know, DSBC (DanceSport BC) used to run a Summertime Dance Series every Friday evening during the months of July and August.  There would be a full night of general dancing, starting off with a free lesson and 2 sets of demos per night.  I remember back when there was even a live band!  What a fantastic way to spend your Friday evenings celebrating the love of dance amongst friends!

robson-square2Apparently, dancing at Robson Square had started almost 30 years ago, and became an extremely popular event, hosting a few thousand people every summer.  It was always great to see the dance community come out and spread the love of dance to onlookers, passerbys and visitors from out of town.  It was actually a very sad day during the year 2007, when it was announced that Robson Square would be closing down due to construction.

This year, I am so happy and excited to announce that DSBC has found a new venue for their outdoor dancing event!  I know that they have been working very hard for the past 2 years, trying to find a suitable outdoor venue.  However, trying to find one that is covered (for our unpredictable Vancouver weather) has been quite the challenge.

robson07_pinkThis Friday and Saturday, August 21 & 22nd, DSBC will be holding a City Centre Summer Dance Event at the Vancouver Art Gallery on the Georgia Street side.  Although it’s just a weekend event, it will be just like Robson Square.  There will be free lessons, demos and general dancing.  Joel and I are very excited, as we will be teaching a lesson on Saturday at 3pm, as well as doing a few shows starting at 4pm.

Joel and I have been performing at Robson Square for years, first as amateurs and for the last few years as Pros.  Being a member for over 10 years, ever since my first days competing as a Newcomer, I feel a sense of nostalgia going back and performing for DSBC.  I do it for my own personal satisfaction (as I just love to dance!) and for the hope that my joy and passion will reach out to others and compel them to learn how to dance.

robson07_purpleI hope that everyone will be able to make it out this weekend to share in this celebration of dance!  DSBC has put a lot of work into organizing this fantastic event, and we need all of you to help make it a success!  Tell all your friends about it, as the more people come out, the stronger the dance community will become.  If you can, please come out on Saturday at 4pm to cheer me and Joel on, as we perform a couple of our favourite shows!  See you then!

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