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subscribeWelcome to the JC Dance Co i2 blog!  This blog is meant to inform and inspire you about dancing, about learning to dance, and maybe even about learning to live!  It draws on the experiences of Joel Marasigan & Clara Shih, the principal instructors of JC Dance Co.   Throughout their dancing careers, they always felt that there was so much more out there than just the Ballroom Technique Book and Private Lessons.  The world is vast, and there is so much knowledge and experience out there to learn from and share.  Unfortunately, a lot of it is not in print.  So here’s our attempt to put it down on paper, or on screen, so that we can share our life-long journey of life and dance together!  Join us on our new i2 blog, where we will divulge not only tips on Dance Technique, but much, much more!

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The i2 blog will consist of mainly the ramblings of Clara Shih, and perhaps some guest bloggers from time to time, including her partner and husband, Joel Marasigan.  Clara will draw from her experiences and expertise of being a seasoned competitor, and an active coach.   She will share with you her experiences of travelling the globe, taking lessons with numerous teachers, including her main coaches and mentors, Luca & Loraine Baricchi, who she trained extensively with in the small town of La Vecchia, Italy.

Clara will also use her background in the health sciences to help you understand the systems of the body, body mechanics, mind-body connection, learning processes, etc.  She is well equipped in this area, as she has a BSc in Honours Physiology, as well as a BSc in Occupational Therapy, which is a division of Rehabilitation Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine. (For Clara’s full Profile and Achievements, please go to the About Us section of the website.)

Message from Clara

clara_ifb08Dance has always been a big part of my life.  It brings me joy and  satisfaction and fulfills me to no end.  I can spend hours talking about dance, even to a perfect stranger.  I am always amazed by how two human bodies are capable of creating such a beautiful and unique art form together.  But even more powerful than thinking about and watching it, is experiencing it for yourself and going on that never-ending journey of becoming the best you can possibly be.

You’d be surprised at how learning about dance mirrors that of life.  It’s the same in any art form or even sport.  To really excel at anything is to really know yourself; to know your physical abilities, to feel what things it can achieve, to understand how your mind thinks and learns, to be able to control and focus your emotions, and to be able to constantly learn and adapt to different situations.  When you’re comfortable and confident with yourself, you are better able to react and learn from day to day situations and challenges.  That’s what dancing and life is all about!

Throughout my competitive dancing career, I have always pondered on numerous topics.  I love reading anything that can be related to Ballroom dancing, such as Sports Psychology, Human Anatomy, Kinesiology, Education, etc.  But a lot of things out there are missing.  There just isn’t enough information in print as to how these things are directly related to Ballroom Dancing.  The only way to find these things out are to spend years researching and putting it all together and take numerous lessons from top coaches all over the world to get the breadth of knowledge and experience you need to make sense of it all (which is essentially what I have done).

Well, here’s hoping that some of my years of training, research, education and experience can help enlighten you without the enormous travel costs, numerous fundraising events, and sacrifices of living abroad with little or no income.   As my coach Luca once said to me in his very Italian accent (which made me burst out laughing in the middle of his lesson), “Been there.  Done that.  Got the T-shirt!”