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The Olympic Athlete’s State of Mind
March 3rd, 2010

olympiclogoOne of my favourite things about the Olympic coverage was definitely the interviews that were conducted with the athletes, their coaches and families… The theme that keeps coming back over and over again through these interviews is how important an athlete’s state of mind is. Sure, hard work, of course, is a key ingredient to success. But it definitely isn’t all there is.


5 Steps to a Successful Competition
January 21st, 2010

checklistWith the Snowball Classic coming up this weekend, I thought it might be useful to remind experienced competitors and inform you new competitors how to make your competition a successful experience. Here are 5 Steps to ensure success!


Broadway Ballroom Dance Festival
April 7th, 2009

Broadway Ballroom lettering

So how many of you knew about the Broadway Ballroom Dance Festival last Saturday April 4th??? I was surprised to learn that some people didn’t compete because they didn’t even know about it! OMG! What a waste! My immediate reaction to that is that I, personally, as a dance enthusiast and coach, didn’t do a good enough job spreading the word around.


Lights, Camera, Distraction!
March 5th, 2009

distraction3Competitions are full of distractions. There is a screaming audience, judges on the side of the floor, other competitors getting in your way, tight costumes with strips of fabric or stones flying everywhere, perhaps a new venue with a different sized floor and maybe even bright lights and cameras. Not only do you have to fight off your nerves, but you also have to deal with trying to show your best quality performance in the midst of all this mayhem!