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Bringing Inspiration to Vancouver – Snowball 2010
January 26th, 2010

sb10_chiakimWow! What a weekend! The Snowball Classic was held this past weekend Jan 22-24, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was 3 days full of action-packed events from morning ’til midnight. Joel and I were absolutely exhausted by the time it was done. There was so much to see and nothing that we really wanted to miss, so we were in the ballroom all day and all night.


Life is not Fair!
November 6th, 2009

susan-boyleThe great thing about competition is… Anyone can enter! Whether you’re tall, short, blonde, brunette, rich, poor, experienced or not … you can enter the competition nevertheless! Anyone can participate, and anyone can have a truly rewarding experience from it!


Spreading the Love
October 7th, 2009

canada-lineThe other day, I took the Canada Line downtown to get my haircut at a long-time friend and fellow dancer’s hair salon: Kanai Hairstyling. It was a fun little trip. I felt like I was on vacation, because whenever I take the subway anywhere, it’s usually when I’m a tourist in another city, like Toronto, London, Paris or Tokyo. Having the new subway in Vancouver makes me feel like I’m a tourist in my own town. It’s great!