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Archive View: April, 2013

Re-igniting the Passion to Dance
April 19th, 2013

Loraine_JC.jpgWhat better way to re-ignite the passion inside of you than to spend a couple days with your lovely coach and mentor?… Joel and I were so fortunate to have Loraine come for a short visit to Vancouver this April. After having 2 full days packed with lessons, lectures and workshops, we are re-inspired again to dance from within, to search for the truth and to pass it on to our beloved students!… Loraine covered so many essential topics that included: usage of the tailbone, figure 8 hip action, foot pressure and foot propulsion, circling energy flow, …


Spreading the Love
October 7th, 2009

canada-lineThe other day, I took the Canada Line downtown to get my haircut at a long-time friend and fellow dancer’s hair salon: Kanai Hairstyling. It was a fun little trip. I felt like I was on vacation, because whenever I take the subway anywhere, it’s usually when I’m a tourist in another city, like Toronto, London, Paris or Tokyo. Having the new subway in Vancouver makes me feel like I’m a tourist in my own town. It’s great!


Connecting, Listening and a Passion for Life
August 7th, 2009

busy-crowd1These days, it seems to be so hard to connect with people. Everyone is so busy and preoccupied with all the things we have stacked on our plates, that we tend to forget the people who are living and breathing around us. How often do we go to Starbucks and barely acknowledge the barista or cashier, because we just want to grab our coffee and go? How about in the elevator or on the sidewalk? How many times have we tried to avert people’s eyes instead of giving a genuine smile and an honest hello?