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The Olympic Athlete’s State of Mind
March 3rd, 2010

olympiclogoOne of my favourite things about the Olympic coverage was definitely the interviews that were conducted with the athletes, their coaches and families… The theme that keeps coming back over and over again through these interviews is how important an athlete’s state of mind is. Sure, hard work, of course, is a key ingredient to success. But it definitely isn’t all there is.


Geniusness versus Neuroticism
May 26th, 2009

tiger-woodsHave you ever wondered why some people are just so incredibly good at what they do? Whether it be Tiger Woods with golf, Yoyo Ma playing the cello or Bryan Watson in Latin… they are all experts who have achieved incredibly high standards in what they do. When you look at these champions, do you just stare in utter amazement? Do you simply chalk it up to talent, genetics or just plain luck?


Fly Your Flag All Year Round
April 21st, 2009

Boy! Now that the playoffs are on, all I see are Canucks flags flapping in the wind on every car in town! It makes me wonder…where are all these fans during the rest of the year? How come they only come out during the playoffs and not throughout the season?


Are We Speaking the Same Language?
March 12th, 2009

communicationCommunication is so important in every aspect of life, whether it’s in the workplace, during play, within your family or in your personal life. On the dance floor, good communication can help to avoid misunderstandings, prevent arguments, accelerate your learning and improve your chances of success!


Lights, Camera, Distraction!
March 5th, 2009

distraction3Competitions are full of distractions. There is a screaming audience, judges on the side of the floor, other competitors getting in your way, tight costumes with strips of fabric or stones flying everywhere, perhaps a new venue with a different sized floor and maybe even bright lights and cameras. Not only do you have to fight off your nerves, but you also have to deal with trying to show your best quality performance in the midst of all this mayhem!