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Are you highly motivated and looking for more of a challenge? Perhaps you have always had competitive spirit and need the drive in order achieve excellence. Maybe you love the performance aspect of DanceSport and just want to 'put-it-on' in front of a loud, cheering audience. Or maybe you just want the glamour and charm of dressing up and playing the part of being a true lady and gentleman.

If you fall into any or all of the above categories, then DanceSport is for you! Competitive ballroom dancing, or DanceSport, has gone through a revolution over the past decade. Today, the combination of artistry and athleticism has brought DanceSport into the forefront of mainstream media. TV shows such as "Dancing With the Stars" and "So you Think You Can Dance?" and Hollywood movies such as "Shall We Dance?", starring J.Lo & Richard Gere all showcase the challenging and rewarding aspects of the exciting world of DanceSport.


DanceSport competitions are held here in BC and around the world. There are many different competition levels based on proficiency and age. Even if you're a beginner, you can compete against other beginners in your own category. Are you a Senior worried about how you will be able to compete against 19 year olds? Not to worry; you can compete in your own Senior category. There are categories for ages 35+, 45+ and even 55+.

Competitions are great motivators to improve your dancing abilities and good testing grounds to see how much you have improved. If you're detail oriented, and you enjoy working together on a team (of 2), DanceSport competition is definitely something you should try!

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DanceSport Coaching

DanceSport Coaching and ballroom dance instruction are not one and the same. Ballroom dance instruction is the teaching of how to carry out certain figures. DanceSport Coaching, on the other hand, involves a whole lot more...

Training for DanceSport competitions is very similar to preparing for any other type of sport or dance competition, in that you need to develop all aspects of your mind, body and spirit. Not only do you have to be adept at dancing your figures, but you need to develop numerous physical skills, as well as have your mental and emotional states in check. You need dedication, focus and the will to be the best…

At JC Dance Co., our principle coaches, Joel and Clara, know what it takes to succeed. Having trained and competed all over the world, they bring their International experience here to Canada and to their native city of Vancouver. In fact, Joel & Clara are one of the only teams in Canada that have lived in both England and Italy and learnt from the true Masters of ballroom dance. This unparalleled experience enables them to act as true DanceSport Coaches who use the philosophies and techniques of the world's best.

To be competitive in the DanceSport world, you need a coach that addresses all aspects of your mind, body and spirit. Joel and Clara's positive energy and inspiring life will motivate you to be your very best. Join the JC Dance Co. team and start your journey to success!

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PRO-AM Competition

If you are interested in competitive dancing, but don't have a partner, Pro-Am competition is a great option for you. Just like the TV show, "Dancing With the Stars", you can train and compete with a skilled and experienced Professional dancer, and dance against other Pro-Am couples like yourselves!

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