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Starting in Ballroom doesn't have to be scary.


I've never danced ballroom, but I've done other forms of dance before. What class should I take?

The Beginner class. Even though you may be quite agile and coordinated from your previous dance experience, it is still suggested that you start from the very beginning. Ballroom dancing (like any other form of dance) has it's own basic steps and techniques that you need to learn before you can advance. In addition, partner dancing involves a new element of connection between two people, which you may not have experienced before.

I don't have a partner, what class can I take?

You can join any of our group classes as a single or take private lessons.

All of our group classes welcome singles. If there are any other singles in our group, you can always pair up with them, or you can just learn the steps on your own. Sometimes the teacher will also be able to step in and partner with you from time to time.

The other option would be taking private lessons. Your teacher would be able to partner with you the during the whole lesson. Of course, this would not be the cheapest option, but it would ensure that you have someone to dance with the whole time; and dancing with a professional would definitely help you improve at the fastest and most efficient rate.

What should I wear?

Just wear something that you feel comfortable moving in. People are often surprised at how they tend to sweat when dancing. It is indeed exercise, so keep that in mind when you choose your clothes!

As for footwear... There's no need to wear high heeled shoes if you're just learning how to dance for the very first time. Flats would actually be easier, so that you can concentrate on your foot patterns and technique. Besides, the rule in the ballroom is 'no stilettos!' (as they tend to mark up and dent the floor).

I'm still unsure I want to do ballroom. What are my options?

Drop-in to a group class. For $20, you can do a drop-in Beginner lesson at the Broadway Ballroom. Just make sure you come in on Class 1 of the dance, so that you start from the very beginning, instead of coming in halfway and getting frustrated. (Check the lesson schedule to be sure.)

Should I take private and group lessons?

If you just want a basic introduction to ballroom dancing and want to do it socially with friends, a group class would be most appropriate for you. If you are more driven and detail-oriented with your approach to dancing, then private lessons would be more suitable. Also, if you have particular dances that you want to focus on and not others, then again, private lessons would be the way to go; that way, you'd be able to focus on whatever you want to learn.

I have an event coming up, and I'd like to have a teacher come in and teach me and my guests as a fun activity for us all. Do you do that sort of thing?

Of course! We love teaching at events and getting people up and dancing! We've done numerous birthday parties, weddings, fundraisers and other celebrations. Just let us know when and where, and hopefully we are available!

I watch 'Dancing With the Stars' and I'm totally excited about ballroom dancing. What should I do?

If you're super-motivated and want to excel at the fastest rate possible, private lessons are definitely the way to go. The one-on-one individualized attention does wonders for your understanding, your body awareness and your overall development. It ensures that you learn things properly and get it right the first time, just like the stars on the TV show.

Once you get more experienced, you can either compete with your teacher in Pro-Am competitions, just as they do on 'Dancing With the Stars', or you could join one of our performance teams. The performance teams are more like the DWTS troupe, where the couples dance together in the same show, instead of competing against one other.

I used to dance a long time ago; don't like competitions, but still want to be challenged. What should I do?

If it's the performance aspect of dance that you enjoy, then you should definitely join the performance team. Team members are given exciting choreography that is challenging and fun. They get to dress up, perform in front of crowds and even do a bit of acting.

If it's the technical aspect of dance that you want to be challenged with, then you might want to consider doing medal tests. Medal tests are like that of skating, swimming or piano. There are various levels that you can work through and graduate from in order to get to the top.

Do you have classes for kids? If not, what are my options?

Unfortunately, we don't have any kids classes at the moment. You can always 'create a class' by getting a few friends' kids together or take private lessons one-on-one. If you really want your child to get a taste of ballroom in a group lesson format, we can certainly recommend you to a colleague from another dance company in the area.

I'm really interested in the performance team, but I've never done ballroom before.

If you really have your heart set on joining the performance team, it is highly recommended that you take a few lessons before joining the team. It's important to know a few basic movements of ballroom before trying to learn the show choreography.