Joel and Clara Marasigan
JC Dance Co DanceSport

Are you looking for a ballroom dancing class?

Well, look no further... We have everything you could possibly ask for!

JC Dance Co. caters to people who are looking for a fun and stimulating activity to do, that is both physically and mentally challenging. Whether you are a beginner dancer, wanting to get a taste of the many ballroom dances there are to offer, or a veteran dancer whose goal is to become more proficient at what you already know, we can help you!

We provide group lessons for beginners who just want to get their feet wet; for companies or groups of friends who want to do some team building or bonding together; and schools who want to encourage kids to work together and learn the skills of communication and etiquette.

For the more experienced dancer who wishes to improve their skills, we hold competitive training classes (aka PEAK), which provide essential exercises and competition simulation for DanceSport competitors; and we are available for hire to do workshops or lectures at any dance event.

In addition to groups, JC Dance Co. provides private lessons for couples who want to develop their dance skills by getting more individual attention at their own pace; and for singles who want to accelerate their learning by dancing with a teacher one-on-one.

For the experienced dancer who is not necessarily interested in competition or DanceSport but would still like to dress up and express themselves on the dance floor, we have performance classes for both adults and seniors.

Whether it be through groups or private lessons, we at JC Dance Co. believe that starting with a strong foundation is important to your dance development. If you start on the right foot, you will be set on the road to success.

Hope you'll come and dance with us!