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Accelerate your learning through private lessons!

If you want to learn quickly and accurately, private lessons are for you. You will get way more individual attention than you would in a group class, and you will receive instruction that is not only tailored to your individual strengths and weaknesses, but suits your pace of learning.

Joel and Clara are well known for giving clear and detailed information that helps dancers improve their skills. Their sharp and experienced eyes are able to pick out the missing pieces or skills that need to be developed in order to move on; and their ability to look at things from multiple angles allows them to tailor their explanation to the individual couple.

What really sets them apart from the rest though, is their ability to devise a long term plan. If you are taking regular private lessons with JC Dance Co., don't just expect a dance session that starts and ends on the hour; expect a complete holistic plan that has your overall development and your dancing goals in mind.

For Couples

Besides Joel and Clara's unique philosophy, vision and credentials, Joel and Clara's students appreciate the ability to dance and learn from both sides of the frame. Having both a male and female teacher gives the couples a complete understanding and appreciation of the dancing.

In private lessons, your teacher will dance with you to give you both the look and feel of how you should be dancing. When taking a lesson with a male teacher, the male student can see how things are danced when done properly, and the lady can feel it. On the flip-side, it is a huge advantage for the lady to be able to see how the lady's steps and poise should be danced, and for the man to be able to feel how it should actually feel like when done properly.

Some of our students choose to stick with one teacher, and some of our students switch back and forth from time to time. Either way is fine with us, but don't be surprised if Joel or Clara (the other half) jumps into your lesson to help demonstrate something for you!

Please email or call for pricing information.
Discounts available for full-time students and kids.


For Single Dancers

Don't have a partner? Not to worry. Joel and Clara provide lessons for single dancers who do not have partners. One of the best ways to learn in fact is through dancing with an expert one-on-one.

If you've ever seen the TV show, "Dancing With the Stars", you are familiar with how much of a person can improve from day 1 to the final week when training with a skilled and experienced Professional dancer.

Please email or call for pricing information. Discounts available for full-time students and kids.


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