Joel and Clara Marasigan

JC Dance Co. supports many different charities and non-profit organizations by donating prizes and/or providing entertainment at various fundraising events.

Daffodil Ball

JC Dance Co. is proud to be supporters of the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Ball. This ball is the signature fundraising gala for BC and Canadian cancer research and has become a leading date in Vancouver's social diaries.

Relay For Life

Joel & Clara and the JC Dance Co. Performance Team have been providing entertainment for the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life for the past two years. This event joins thousands of people who have decided to fight cancer at an event that celebrates cancer survivors and honours loved ones who haven’t survived.

Richmond Hospital Foundation fundraiser

The JC Dance Co. Performance Team provided an exciting dance show for the Chinese-Canadian Fundraising Dinner in April 2011 at the River Rock Casino. The proceeds from the dinner are going towards the Richmond Hospital's Operating Room (OR) Campaign to fund precision tools for surgeons to provide cutting-edge orthopedic, gynecology, urology, and general surgery.

UBC Dance Club

Since 2007, JC Dance Co. has been a proud sponsor of the UBC Dance Club's annual UBC Gala Ball. The UBC Dance Club is a non-profit organization led by students, for students, to experience the joys of ballroom dancing. In fact, it was the place where Joel & Clara first learned to dance!

In 2012, JC Dance Co. sponsored a new event: the Showcase competition. Joel & Clara sincerely hope that the competition serves to help young amateur couples develop the musical, creative and expressive sides of their dancing; and that it grows in popularity year after year.

In 2013, JC Dance Co.'s Joel & Clara were awarded the honourable distinction of being the newest UBC Dance Club Honourary Members. "Their continued service, promotion, and monetary contributions to the club have helped develop the community to what it is today, as well as making ballroom dancing more prominent in Vancouver!"