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Let Ballroom Dancing help your kids gain...


Self confidence, etiquette and communication skills.

For the first time ever, JC Dance Co. and the Goh Ballet Academy are collaborating to create a series of Children's Ballroom Dance Classes.

Classes will have a fun and productive atmosphere, where kids can work together and explore their physical fitness, coordination and musicality all in one go! Not only will they learn how to dance, but they will develop increased self confidence and poise, as well as open understanding and cooperation when working with others.

Movies such as Mad Hot Ballroom and Take the Lead, have shown the positive effects that Ballroom Dancing has had on children and teens alike, giving them an outlet to explore their physical and musical capabilities, while learning to work in partnership with another person of the opposite gender.

Starting from September through to December, children will learn basic foot patterns in the Waltz, Quickstep, Tango, Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive. They will also be introduced to concepts of musicality, footwork, posture and partnership connections.

Most importantly, they will experience the fun of the music and movement of Ballroom Dancing!

Kids Ballroom Dancing


Children's Ballroom Dance Classes

  • Beginner group ballroom lessons for boys and girls ages 7 - 12.
  • No partner required to join the class.

  • Registration for the fall session is currently open and can be done directly through the Goh Ballet Academy.

By phone: 604.872.4014 ext 126 or 217
By facsimile: 604.872.4011
By email:

  • Class schedule: Saturdays from 11:30 am to 12:30pm
  • Price:
    • Boys: $10 per month
    • Girls: $60 per month
      • Note: Current students of the Goh Ballet Academy are eligible for discounts.
***Unfortunately, classes have been temporarily put on hold. Please contact the Goh Ballet to be put on the waiting list for future classes.


Lessons will be held at the Goh Ballet Academy located at 2345 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C9.

Goh Ballet

There is ample street parking near the Goh Ballet Academy, as well as several parking lots in close proximity to the school, including a parking lot on Main Street and 7th Avenue.