Joel and Clara Marasigan
JC Dance Co DanceSport

On Joel & Clara's Teaching…

Being your group lesson student, my comment on the way you teach is positive. Your routine lessons are clear in steps and directions. The thing I like about in particular is on certain figures you do explain some technique needed to dance it successfully.  During the Wednesday technique class, I am grateful that you have pointed out me and my partner's weakness or something we have not done to dance better.

You are definitely in the right path and will contribute to a higher level of ballroom dancing in B.C. Have a nice holiday and we will see you again next year.

-Edwin Chow
Social Dancer
Particpant of Fitness Ballroom Group Class & RSS


I usually depend on my hubby to lead me into every next step, which makes it "heavy" for him. I am far more behind him in dancing,  I didn't think he was serious enough, at the beginning.  He started without me for a few years. I don't believe people could start so late and become "good" in our age, almost retiring. But my husband likes it, and I like him to have the exercises, so why not? 

At the first few lessons on Tuesday night, I didn't like it becasue you made us ladies do our own steps.  I couldn't do any of this without my partner's leading me and guiding me all the way. Maybe I never did take this serious enough, and only let him carry me along.  I wanted to change my wrong attitude, and started to do my own steps.  We are not aiming for any competition, but just to be able to dance a bit more beautifully.

Social Dancer
Participant of Fitness Ballroom Group Class


I absolutely enjoyed your class - from a woman's perspective and I can examine and watch your good posture and footwork.

Social Dancer
Participant of Fitness Ballroom Group Class


Just want to mention that I think both of you are doing a superb job teaching advanced UBC class.  I am amazed that you manage to teach so many people in a not so large room.  Also, enjoy your clear-concise teaching and your energy, enthusiasm and humour!  Thanks very much!

-Social Dancer
Participant of UBC Advanced Class


I recently started to study ballroom dancing and decided to supplement my training by enrolling in Joel and Clara's Rising Star classes. Having just recently gone through a triple bypass(July 2007), I was faced with a bit if a challenge as far as maintaining a proper dance posture goes. After the surgery, I was not allowed to lift my arms above my shoulder line for three months and therefore had no upper body flexiblity, stamina or strength. The structure of the classes inspired me to push myself so that I could execute the material that was being presented by Clara and Joel.

All the classes had a fun and upbeat atmosphere that made it pleasure to be there,although challenging, the classes were never overwhelming. I have just graduated from the Healthy Heart program at St. Paul's Hospital and they said I had made a remarkable recovery. I told them that it was definately the dance classes that made the difference.

Thank you Joel and Clara for providing such a fun and positive venue in which to learn. Looking forward to more of your programs in 2008. If it wasn't for my new time schedule, I would be enrolling myself in all the classes that you have to offer!

-Curtis Adachi
Participant of RSS & Fraser Group Class


The dance turned out pretty well! The first time around the foxtrot we were so nervous!!! But then when we got to the swing part and relaxed, and then the second round was much more fun! And I didn't step on the dress, yippie! :)

Thank you so much again for getting us ready for the big day! We sure made an impression!

Wedding Couple


On Joel & Clara as Coaches …

Having a good coach isn't only about their track records; it's about their experiences and teaching styles.  Joel and Clara have an amazing partnership and have danced to the top of BC, Canada, and world-wide and even moved to Europe to experience a new depth and breadth of knowledge from world-renowned dancers.  But most importantly for me, they are eager to teach those who are eager to learn, and put extra care and effort outside of private lessons to continue to motivate and inspire you to become a better dancer.

-Phoebe Gau
Championship Level DanceSport Competitor


We have been taking lessons with Joel and Clara for close to two years ever since they turned professionals.  Our lessons are mostly with Clara.  Since she is a competitor turned professional, she can demonstrate each step very well.  Clara is also a very patient teacher and easy to learn from.  In particular, she is always cheerful and her contagious laughter makes learning ballroom dancing from her fun.

-Yvonne & Andrew Lui
Gold Level DanceSport Competitors


The proof of the good teacher is when they are given a challenging feat.  Everybody will agree that there is no greater challenge than Betty & Henry.  Not only are we physically mismatched, Betty is big & short whilst Henry is thin and tall, musically mismatched, Henry is forever slow and Betty is always in a hurry, but worst, we are characteristically mismatched, Betty is strong willed and wants to lead whilst Henry is timid and shy. Well, try to top that!  When we first chose you guys, we were told you were new professionals and it might not work.  Well, let me tell everybody here and now, Joel & Clara not only met the challenge but was more than we ever expected in a teacher.  Don't be misled by Joel's handsome and calm appearance, he is very meticulous when it comes to technique, no compromise.  He will give you information and challenge you to do it.  Whilst Clara who is forever laughing will laughingly tell you that your shape is wrong, you are off beat or you are not using enough power etc. She will see your mistake in an instant.  We may not be the best dancers but believe me, we have improved and all thanks to Joel & Clara who have met every challenge whole-heartedly and with fervor that only good teachers have. Oh, we should not forget that they were trained by the world's best Italian teacher!  Thank you Joel & Clara.

-Betty & Henry
Silver & Gold Level DanceSport Competitors


Honestly, before we had lessons with you guys, [we were] having serious self-confidence issues with Standard dancing. And now we are both happy and confident and learning so much more about Standard because the way you guys teach and encourage.

DanceSport competitors


I want to tell you that you both are really good teachers; your teaching inspires and helps me a lot. I trust and value your teaching very much.

-Sandy Yang
Pro-Am DanceSport Competitor