Joel and Clara Marasigan
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Are you looking for a quick boost of inspiration for your dancers?

Bring us in for a JC Dance Co. workshop!


JC Dance Co. workshops help dancers of all levels grow and develop. We provide in-depth information that is being taught all over the world. Not only do we present clear and relevant information, but we give your dancers a strategy to practice and incorporate this new information within their dancing.


JC Dance Co. workshops are innovative, informative and inspirational, and they exceed people's expectations everytime! Ever since the first workshop series, we, at JC Dance Co., have been receiving rave reviews and feedback from participants. Here are a couple of examples…

I learned more today than I've learned in the past 3 years!

-Social Dancer
Participant of JC Dance Co.'s 'Lead and Follow' Workshop in Calgary


Lead and follow has always been our problem since we picked up competitive dancing, and we are glad that you put on this workshop. Before we came, we thought we were just going to get some routines for floorcrafting, but it turned out that you delivered a bigger vision that we should apply to every step we dance.

-Gold Level DanceSport Competitors
Participants of JC Dance Co.'s 'Floorcraft' Workshop