Joel and Clara Marasigan
JC Dance Co Shows

Behind the scenes, Joel and Clara are athletes who are passionate, determined, and focused on perfecting their dancing… but on the dance floor they are 100% entertainers…

They captivate the audience with their display of elegance, sophistication, and playfulness…

It’s a magnificent thing to watch Joel and Clara dance. They smile not because they are supposed to, but because they truly love DanceSport and enjoy entertaining the audience… it’s sincere and it shows!

Joel and Clara are polished… Their dancing is filled with intensity, beauty, and athleticism. They are not only entertainers but also the mot determined and goal-oriented athletes you’ll ever meet.

-Mariannina Cusano
Team Captain, 2000 Canadian Formation Team


Joel and Clara - I really enjoyed your dancing at Holiday Ball! You two looked sooo beautiful!!! *inspired*

-Rebecca Simms
DanceSport Competitor


I have to say it is always enlightening and fascinating to see both of you dance so wonderfully - Molto Bella !!  Wunderbar!!



WOW!!! What a fantastic performance @ the Holiday Ball.  It was so great to see you dance again.

-Mariannina Cusano